The most embarrassing day ever

Mummy if by some unfortunate twist of fate you're reading this. This story is about another Ronke, the day this happened I was reading my Bible and meditating. It was a cold harmattan night...... Or not, I can't remember. Our heroine( whose name is Ronke and who just happens to be the same age as … Continue reading The most embarrassing day ever


The trek of 2010

It was a cold day and the year was 2010. Our beloved Aderonke was 9 years old and a huge fan of peanuts.In my country, what you call peanuts are referred to as GROUNDNUTS. Peanuts are groundnuts covered in delicious dough and fried, yum!!😋.9 year old me was super obsessed with peanuts, just like 18 … Continue reading The trek of 2010