Have you ever seen someone’s hair fly off?

Hiiii, so quick run down. Since I’ve been gone, I won a scholarship and moved to Korea. I’m currently doing one year of Korean studies and will be moving on to a Master’s program next year. Details later. Now that the catch up is done. Let’s move on to the biggest embarrassment of my life abroad so far (there have been many and I’ve been here for just a month)

So wearing wigs is a normal thing in my world. Like in Nigeria no one would look at me strutting about with straight long hair and think for even a single second that it could be my hair. But here I have to actually clarify that my wig is in fact not mine and was made in a factory. And I have been pretty honest about it, but just to people that have asked me.

But of course my secret personal ghost (whose only job is to mess with me) decided that she wanted to announce it in a more dramatic way.

So this morning I woke up and decided to wear my favourite wig. The cap of the wig is a bit loose but that’s why it’s my favourite. My head has space for blood to flow and wearing it feels like wearing a loose hat. Not to mention I look very cute in that wig.

Everything was smooth and beautiful and wonderful until exactly 2:03pm. It was break time, and I needed to refill my water bottle. That meant I would have to walk give or take 30 steps to the water dispenser from my class and back. But 2 steps is enough for me to be embarrassed. Tell me why Adigun Aderonke Odunayo (me) thought it would be a good idea to skip to the water dispenser? SKIP? AM I A CHILD????!!!!

Just as I stepped out of my class, right in front of my classmate and while I was directly facing a group of people gathered in the lobby. Literally in the best position for prime embarrassment, I bounced on a skip and my wig left my head.

Like….. I literally got wig snatched by my own foolishness

See, one second I was skipping and dreaming of going home to eat jollof and next thing I just felt a gust of fresh air on my scalp.

But the problem is…. Why would I be able to feel the breeze when my head is supposed to be covered by a wig?

So just in case I look down and my wig is on the floor in front of me in between me and my classmate. When I say time slowed and I thought like 7000 different thoughts in 2 seconds.

I wanted to just

I automatically picked it up and before I decided if I wanted to put it back on or turn to smoke and blow to Antarctica I looked around to see how many witnesses there were.

And my classmate’s (he’s Chinese) reaction sent me over the edge.

Bro looked like he saw someone’s head fly off. He was just standing there staring at me in absolute shock. for a second he looked like he saw my head fly off😂

Bro’s face was like. Bro managed to look shocked, scared, amazed and amused at the same time in one single expression

In this situation what would the right reaction be on my part? I don’t know sha but I know that was not my reaction.

I started laughing, very loudly. With my whole entire body.

No because my hair under the wig literally looked like this

And of course I ran back into my class screaming my friend’s name at the top of my voice and laughing hysterically while still holding the wig. And now all my classmates are getting shocked too and my teacher is like “where did you hair go? Where did your hair go? Are you ok?”

And her being genuinely worried just made it worse. I tried to put the wig on but then I kept laughing and fell over and the wig went wheeeeeeeeee off my head again.

My friend tried to cover me with her hands but we both just kept going

And the wig operation just wouldn’t restart

Last last I put my wig back on and continued class. But the poor boy I traumatized kept staring at me during class. 😂😂😂 bro just couldn’t believe it. I probably gave him lifelong trust issues now.

I’m just grateful it was a small thing like my wig flying off and not the usually dress seams mysteriously giving up or trousers ripping at the crotch.

Until next time.

With love, Aderonke.


3 thoughts on “Have you ever seen someone’s hair fly off?

  1. Wow… if this was a fantasy world it would turn into how I met your mother 😂😂😂😂 but, honestly your reaction was so me😂😂😂😂


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