The trek of 2010

It was a cold day and the year was 2010. Our beloved Aderonke was 9 years old and a huge fan of peanuts.

In my country, what you call peanuts are referred to as GROUNDNUTS. Peanuts are groundnuts covered in delicious dough and fried, yum!!😋.

9 year old me was super obsessed with peanuts, just like 18 year old me would risk physical activity for akara.

It was my last term in primary school and we had just moved from the little town I was born in. I was forced to start all over again and make new friends (this wasn’t hard, I made new friends after spending just an hour there).

My new school was in a neighbouring town and I had to take a cab to school every morning and take one back home, I spent about ₦60 on transport per day, my mom would give me ₦100 everyday and it was usually enough to buy myself some peanuts and get myself home.

But you see, I have never claimed to be sensible.

On this blessed day, my usual 4 packets of peanuts just weren’t doing it for me, so I decided to buy one extra packet and wait in front of my school for a big bus (those cost ₦20)

I was patting myself on the back as I munched on my peanuts, such wisdom had to be rewarded. So I saved some peanuts for the ride home.

School ended and I confidently sat in front of the school to wait for the bus with the idiots that were banking on the bus like me.

But 20 minutes later, the bus wasn’t showing up. The peanuts in my belly started feeling like lead. Shey I’ve not put myself in trouble like this?.

30 minutes and no bus, I started praying and promising never to eat another peanut again.

Then someone suggested that we should start trekking and I was like. Trek keh, it’s as if you’re sick in the head o

But after almost an hour of waiting, it finally dawned on me that the bus was not coming, and I had to trek, or keep waiting for the bus and find a way to explain to my mom how I spent my transport money.

So I gathered the strength of all my ancestors and started walking home.

Halfway through, I was one step away from lying by the side of the road and giving up. If I perish, I perish.

It was at this point that my foolish brain realised that I could get a cab to take me home for ₦20.

Luckily, my unique blend of cuteness (lack of hair and potbelly aside) and extreme begging finally got me someone who took me the rest of the way… For free!!.

Guess what I used the extra money to buy….. Of course I bought Peanuts. I had just been through a traumatic experience, a girl needs her comfort food.

Until next time

XOXO, Aderonke.

*Akara : African bean cakes… Made by blending beans into a paste and frying in hot oil.


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