Bringing your friends on dates?

Apparently there's this new trend. When a guy asks you out on a date, you invite your friends, your neighbours, your church member(s), your church member's neighbours and the entire state out on the date with you. OK maybe I'm exaggerating, but taking a friend or two is just as ridiculous as taking everyone you … Continue reading Bringing your friends on dates?


The trek of 2010

It was a cold day and the year was 2010. Our beloved Aderonke was 9 years old and a huge fan of peanuts.In my country, what you call peanuts are referred to as GROUNDNUTS. Peanuts are groundnuts covered in delicious dough and fried, yum!!😋.9 year old me was super obsessed with peanuts, just like 18 … Continue reading The trek of 2010

Slavery still exists in Nigeria

When someone mentions slavery, you probably think about white men wearing cowboy hats and holding whips and flogging shackled black people. You think about that movie "12 years a slave" and you tremble with righteous anger at the way these slave masters treated people. You probably think they're the worst things to ever exist. You … Continue reading Slavery still exists in Nigeria