Flogging chronicles

You know how you’re doing something wrong and you know that you’ll Chop cane for it, but you keep doing it because you’re just very foolish.

My people this is a throwback story.

I was 14 and using one Nokia phone that could only support 2go and small browsing on E network.

My 2go star was very important to me and I used to stay up late chatting on group chats, I even used a fake age so I could get into the 18+ groups .

My mother used to complain about the chatting and staying up late and I fully expected to collect cane because of it sooner or later, but the day the flogging came it was not even 2go that I was doing.

It was like 12am and I was busy reading a crappy romance novel about werewolves, I was low-key giggling under my blanket o( or at least I thought it was low-key). Next thing, the room light just came on and I saw my mother looking like hulk at the door.

This was when I realised that I was done for.

She snatched the phone from me to check what I was reading, and that was the part where the werewolf was busy biting the girls neck😢. At this point piss was already catching me and I was sweating like Christmas goat.

Brethren I looked for a way to lie but fear already tied my tongue and there was no lie that would have stopped that beating. So I started begging

But she didn’t even answer me. She went and picked the fatest hangers and the juiciest belt in the wardrobe and came and started with me.

I screamed and woke all my neighbours up, I ran all around the house that day. I even unlocked the door and started running outside, until I remembered that rain fell and I would just fall and break my head.

At a point I started screaming for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to come and help me beg her. After like 20 minutes of beating, I just finally lay down like “if I perish, I perish”.

Kai!! I felt pain, real pain. It was the second worst flogging of my life. After the beating I even changed for one whole week. But then I went back to 2go, but I was more careful this time.

I’d talk about the worst flogging of my life, that one was because of one Philippine movie o. But maybe next time

Leave your flogging stories in the comments section.

Until next time

Xoxo Aderonke

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