To slay is not by force

Some people were just not destined to be slay queens. This story is a throwback story.

So when I was still in 100 level, young and foolish…. It’s not as if I’m still wise now o. My department decided to organise a dinner for us. You know you’ll put on your finest gown. Makeup on point, slay ti set.

I paid one girl ₦1500 for my makeup!!, as if I should collect that money from me in the past. I wore one horrible short black gown like this and heels that almost made me twist my ankles and I thought, Haaa Aderonke o ti slay!!, omo selzy.

Do I even need to say that I was wrong, you’re imagining how I looked, but your imagination cannot conjure up this level of horror. Let me stop talking and just show you

This picture is my secret shame, I look like an olosho from a Yoruba movie😩. you’d think I’d learn from my mistakes but Noooooooo Aderonke must be mad.

200 level came and there was another dinner, I was planning to have sense and find one fine gown to wear, or to not even go at all o. But Aderonke started thinking about how unfair it is for girls to always wear uncomfortable gowns and shoes and boys get to wear trousers. Can you guess what happened next?.

Yes that is me, not my twin brother, me!!. I have accepted that I don’t have a fashion sense or even normal sense at all, my consolation is that my life is not boring at least.

Adiós, until next time. Xoxo Aderonke


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