So, I got scammed?

I always say that it is impossible to scam me because I’m too Nigerian to ever fall for a scam. My sense is too much for anybody to convince me, but then, I never calculated that sometimes scammers aren’t always strangers.

It’s a throwback story. (Throwback to April this year)

It was the second semester of my final year and I was extremely busy. I was working on my thesis, trying to not fail any of my courses and also working as an editor for my faculty’s magazine all while struggling with the worst mental breakdown of my life.

Financially, I was ok to an extent but I was on a tight budget that restricted how much I could spend per week. So ok but not ok enough to lose any money.

The day it happened I was at an editors’ meeting for the magazine when a friend of mine called me saying his GTbank account had problems and he urgently needed cash and could I borrow him some money and send it to his fidelity account so he could withdraw and he would resolve the issues and send me back the money that day.

One thing I don’t like about myself is that I am naturally quick to trust people, so in this situation it did not even cross my mind that he might be lying. I had known him for almost 4 years and he was even my first boyfriend (we dated for 5 days…… story for another day). He couldn’t possibly be lying.

I had some money in my account that was meant for the next week. It was Thursday and he would send my money back that day so I borrowed him the money no questions asked.

At the end of that day he sent me a message saying the bank was still having issues so he hadn’t been able to send it. We still had time until Sunday so I said it was ok and he could just send it the next day.

The next day he didn’t say anything. I was still not suspicious but I had begun to get worried.

On the 3rd day I sent him a message and he didn’t reply me.

Finally, on the 5th day (which was already Monday) he sent me a message that there had been no electricity so he couldn’t send the money and he would send it immediately. At that point I still didn’t think he was deceiving me, I just wanted my money back because I had been forced to start spending money I had saved for an online course certificate.

Thinking back now, I wonder how I didn’t think that he was lying.

I waited for him to send the money but…. money no show o.

I was still giving him the benefit of the doubt and hoping he would send it when a week later I was in my friend’s room gisting and I mentioned that he was not replying me after borrowing money from me in passing.

But then she said that he did the same thing to her the previous year and that he asked to borrow money from her again on the same day he asked me. But he told her it was UBA bank that had problems.

That was when it started to occur to me that perhaps, he had scammed me. I was like

Have I?… was I?… Is a scam?

I decided to call him and see what he would say, just to be sure so I wouldn’t be jumping to conclusions carelessly.

This boy picked up and was like “hello” like a normal person o. But immediately I said “it’s Ronke” my guy did not say anything again and next thing he cut the call. I tried to call again but he wasn’t picking and then his number became “not reachable.” Omo, the realisation hit me like trailer.

This boy collected my money and blocked me sha ni. Emi!!! Aderonke!! Waaww the heart of man

After realising that he had been lying to me, I started asking all our mutual friends about him. Everyone else had fallen victim to his scams. No friendship was left intact. He went around lying that his account was having problems or his car had run out of fuel or that Jupiter had fallen on his head and he needed to borrow money just to start acting weird to the person immediately after getting the money.

The money he collected from me wasn’t a lot of money so it wasn’t the loss of the money that was so painful. It was the fact that I felt foolish for being so trusting. I had always heard people say that the world is a wicked place when it comes to money but that was the first time I was experiencing how it felt for someone to use your good intentions to cheat you.

Since then my philosophy changed. I don’t borrow people money. If I have extra I’ll give you but borrowing money that I need for myself to someone else? Nope. Once bitten 5,678,456 times shy.

I’m not Jeff Bezos that I will be sharing money.

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Until next Sunday!

Love, Sheba. 🖤

PS: it’s my birthday tomorrow!!!! I’m finally turning 21. I started this when I was 17 and now it has already been 4 years🙈🙈. Thank you all so much for spending these years with me. 감사합니다!!!

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