Bullshit #EndSARS

In this country,
we inherit the silence from our parents
our backs bend under the weight of the abuse and
we stuff our words down our throats and choke our dreams on them
we say it will get better and do nothing to make it better
we barely survive until one day our minds give up and we become wraiths shuffling around waiting for death and the heaven religion promises.

our voices are heard only in prayer, we cry to God day and night but say nothing to our abusers. The keys to our chains are in our reach but we wait for them to be handed to us, in this country we do not take freedom for ourselves. we wear poverty in prayer beads, carry hunger hidden under our tongues and smile because it will go away if I pretend it doesn’t hurt.

I will shout and cry until my throat is raw and then I will write and shove my words down the throats of those who say silent!
I will not pass this silence down to the next generation. It ends here.

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