Glory sound prep!!!

First of all, I want to say that Jon bellion is a special gift from God to me and I think he pees rainbows. That said, let’s talk about how I reacted to the songs on his latest album.

1. Conversations with my wife

This song is just 💥 💥 💣 .

The first time I listened to it, my soul knelt down and wept..but I was in public so I saved the actual weeping for when I was lying in bed. I put the song on repeat and kept saying, yes Jon, I’ll marry you!!!….. I’ll delete my blog, delete all my social media accounts and smash my phone for you. Just say you’ll marry me 😭😭😭.

2. JT

You know how sometimes it’s like all those dreams you’ve had are never going to come true, this song will give you hope… Your dreams are going to come true!!!. Or not. Whatever, you’ll be alright sha.

3. Let’s begin featuring a lot of people

Honestly I don’t have much to say about this song, it’s the only song I didn’t really relate to on the album. So there.

4. Stupid deep

This song resonated with me deeply, it felt like he had been reading my diary and decided to write a song from it.

There’s this uncertainty surrounding everything we do, what if I’m just chasing shadows, what if I’m wasting time following the wrong path, what if I’m talking to the wrong people. So many questions…. And Jon bellion is asking them in this song… helps you see that you’re not the only one with these thoughts.

5. The Internet

In this generation, it’s so easy to be something you’re not. Feigning happiness when you’re drowning inside… No one really cares about the real you, perfect instagram page and everyone assumes you’re completely OK. No one really cares about the person behind the image.

I love this song, it’s touching an issue that I think we should all take seriously.

That said, it also has a great beat.

6. Blu

If there’s one thing Jon is a pro at… It’s writing a love song that most people can relate to. There are so many things I love about this song.

First of all, the beat makes me want to sway in a room filled with incense, then it slows down and then picks up again…. Listening to this song for the first time felt like a spiritual experience.

Then the lyrics describe a love so beautiful. 😢 let me stop here.

7. Adult swim ft Tuamie

This song is just 💥.

Bet you didn’t know Jon bellion raps too, and boy does he rap well. I love how the song was like 3 songs jammed into one, but still complementing each other.

The beat…or should I say beats. My lord, this is just….there are no words.

8. Couples Retreat

*quick tip: this is a beautiful reconciliation song.

This song, this song!!!…. This is my favourite song on the album. Listening to it made me want to grab someone and dance the salsa.

Quarrels are a normal part of every relationship, if you never quarrel with your partner, I’d be worried…… But this song!, this is the ultimate makeup song.

I don’t care how angry I am, play this song and offer me akara and bread…. You will be forgiven!!.

Imagine it…. You just quarelled with your husband, if you’re like me, you’re probably already sorry… And he plays this song and leads you into a dance….. Add a little hollandia yogurt and you have perfection.

If you don’t forgive him, you’re a psychopath.

9. Cautionary Tale

This is kinda like the story of Jon’s life, in fairy tale form…. You have to listen to it to really feel the impact. Now on to the last one.

10. Mah’s joint

I wonder how painful it would be if someone I love forgets who I am. This song is by far the most emotional one on the album.

I’m listening to it right now, the lyrics are about his mom who takes care of his grandma who apparently has dementia…. I can’t say more, the tears are coming again.

All in all, this was a beautiful album…. And Jon bellion is a musical genius. He has managed to make an album that doesn’t only sound nice, but has meaningful lyrics and touches on real emotions.

until next time,

XOXO, Aderonke.

PS: in case you’re still wondering why I wrote an entire article for an album, here’s why….. I am the greatest Jon bellion fan( within the borders of sanity) on the surface of the earth.


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