17 no more

So I turned 18 today, finally!

And since I’m now a full blown legal adult, I’m going to try to sound more responsible.

This past year has been tumultuous, it felt like my life was being demolished. But the good thing is that I feel like when God is done building it back up it’ll be even better.

I’m going to be posting a couple of poems from different times this year, starting at the beginning of the year.

1. Bulldozer please

And it crashed

A dozen years of hard work

Turned to ash

I clean my feet

And dust my hands

What’s the point of building it

If it’s not going to stand

2. On name days and gift bags

I’ll tell a funny story
About a little god
On his 100th name day
He asked for a human
But his mama told him
They aren’t ours to take
On his 200th name day
He asked for a pet boy
But again his mama said
They aren’t ours to keep
And then finally
On his 300th name day
He realised that
This poem is actually pretty pointless
And it was written by a girl already half asleep

3. You make me feel in colour

I’m angry at myself for feeling this way
I’m scared that you’ll leave me
I’m jealous of how you look at her
I’m sad that I can’t keep you here

4. She used to be me

I feel a disconnect
From what I should be feeling
And what I feel
From who I know I am
To who I’ve become
How can I get back to
The wide eyed trusting girl
With a big heart and a wide smile
She’s on the other side of the chasm you left
And you took the bridge with you

5. Soda tears

Bottling feelings up like 7up
I tell myself
I am strong
I don’t care that you’ve moved on
This doesn’t affect me
I was good enough
You just weren’t enough to have me
But still
A single tear drops
I am not strong
I am broken
You have broken me
And I don’t know how to fix myself
I do not feel good enough
My heart lies in pieces on the floor
And all I can do is lay a cloth over it

I’ve published a whole lot of my poems on wattpad so you can go check them out, just click here.

XOXO, Adult Aderonke.


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