The morality of it

The girl loved her father.

You see, there was never a mother for her. Girl was pulled out of the gaping chasm of her mother’s womb a whole day after the cerebral hemorrhage that spelt the end of mother’s life.

Father cried for months after mother’s death, he was never the same man again. But, through the grief, he loved the girl.

7 years went by and they’d settled into a routine, they went everywhere together (except school and sometimes work), they were each other’s shadows, where one went, the other followed. They couldn’t function properly separately, they were best friends.

The girl was beautiful, she was 12 and just starting to grow into her body but everyone agreed that she would be a stunning woman.

As if beauty wasn’t enough, the girl had a personality like a field of blooming flowers bordered by a clean, clear lake. She was kind, loving, constantly happy and she had a laugh that brought to mind the sun shining through storm clouds.

She had a bit of a temper, but it only came out when she thought someone was being wronged, her father called it her righteous anger complex.

18 years had gone by and the girl and her father were grateful that the teenage years had come and gone. The girl had found herself overrun with boys professing undying love that she did not want and the father had begun to consider buying a gun to fight them all off.

The girl was in her third year of university, she had fallen in love with math and physics somewhere between Planck’s constant and dx/dy and was going to be a physicist. One day she’d be a lecturer, just like her daddy.

The girl spent every weekend with her father, extended separations made them both anxious. The neighbours wondered how they would cope when she finally moved out, they didn’t know that would never happen, the girl had never been interested in boys, how could she? She hardly ever spent anytime around them outside of class, and she never noticed anyone during class. The girl was content with a life spent with her father.

On the 20th day of August in her 26th year, the girl and her father bought 2 bottles of vodka and a tub of grilled chicken to celebrate his birthday, he was turning 51.

They’d had a stressful week at the university they both taught at and they needed to relax.

On the 21st day of August in that same year, the girl fell in love.

On the 15th day of November, the girl and her husband left the country permanently to Australia, they would never return.

On the 20th day of May in the next year, the girl had a child. She named her Ayo.

The girl looked up into the eyes of her father, and finally, she felt at peace.

The girl knew that the world would not understand, but shouldn’t morality give way sometimes in the pursuit of happiness?

The girl loved her father, she did until the day she died.

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