The imagination obsession phases

Sometimes I think, what button do I click to turn the things I imagine into reality.

Because I have this super cool life….. Or lives… In my head.

Thinking about it now, it’s possible that I have an overactive imagination, and I should go out more…. But who can measure up to a person I created?….. Or at least a real person that I slightly modified.

I’ve had different phases…..They’re usually based on what I’m obsessed with at that point in time.

Like when I was 13 and totally obsessed with Teen Wolf, I was happily married to Tyler Posey( Scott McCall in the series )… We even had a couple kids, it was so realistic that we used to have arguments, we even almost got a divorce once. Those were the days.

Keep in mind that this all happened in my mind.

Then I grew up a little and got obsessed with soldiers… There’s just something about the uniform and the danger that I liked. But then those always ended with him dying and me being a widow at 32, daydreams aren’t meant to turn into horror movies so I got over that phase quickly.

Then there was the Korean boy madness, I blame this phase on those Korean movies that everyone was watching during that period. And on the fact that Korean boys look like walking daydreams—-sugar, spice and everything nice—-.

I mean look at this face, can you blame me?

Then there was the One Direction phase, almost everyone had this…. I would tell you all about it, but I can’t for legal reasons…… Everything I write can and will be used against me…..Buuut it was crazy, I’ll tell you that.

Then last of all. The epic football player phase…. Which hasn’t ended yet…. This phase has lasted the longest, I could blame it on my teenage hormones ( but I’m technically an adult now and that excuse is expiring).

You see, I love football (or soccer). And good football players automatically become super beautiful to me. Just think about it this way.

22 fit men, chasing a ball around on a field and using really cool maneuvers to get said ball in a net. Usually at least 60% of those 22 men are model level beautiful. And they’re paid reeeeaaaally well ( they’re really rich sis). How could you ever resist!.

But I’m growing up, so my phase days will soon be over….. I’m going to miss desperately crushing on people that don’t know I exist.

Adulthood is so boring.

I’ll stop talking now, I have to go and dream about my current imaginary footballer husband…. We’re going on vacation to Greece with our three kids!.

With love from imaginary Greece.

XOXO, Aderonke.


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