I have no idea what this is about

My loves, happy new year!!!!!!!!!.

So on New year’s day everyone was all boo’d up, and I was just looking… Because I’m stupid single.😭😭😭

This whole single situation is all because I’ve been waiting for my knight in shining soccer shorts to come and sweep me off my feet and drive me into the sunset with his sports car( don’t tell me it’s unrealistic).

But it’s beginning to look like he’s stuck in traffic.😪🤧

Long distance relationships are so stressful ( especially when one person doesn’t even know the other exists……… Sigh…..).

So until Jesse Lingard finally realizes that I’m his soulmate and comes to propose, I’ve decided to jump back into the dating pool, I want to see how it feels to spend Valentine’s Day not sleeping Or eating food I got myself.

On a serious note

It’s a new year, that means I get to make resolutions again…… But I hardly ever keep them, so I’m making only 3 this year

  • Forgiveness, it’s a blank slate so I’ll have to forgive and forget anything I think people have done wrong to me.
  • Learning to say No, this is one thing I’m not good at… This year I’m going to learn how to speak up when I don’t agree ( I’ll also learn how to disagree without arguing).
  • Procrastination, usually I postpone doing stuff until it’s really late and then I do a horrible job… Or I eventually don’t even do it. This year I’ll try to do everything I have to do before I allow myself to relax.

What are your new year resolutions?

I’m probably just rambling on in this post, because it’s past 12 am and I’m so sleepy, but I’m trying not to procrastinate….. So I’ll just end it here.

XOXO, Aderonke

Just in case you don’t know who Jesse Lingard is

Jesse Ellis Lingard is a British football player who plays for Manchester United Football Club. He’s also my future husband.

Here’s a picture of him looking cute in his England national team jersey.

My knight in shining blue soccer shorts….😍😘😋.


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