I am so shocked

So this morning I was going through my instagram feed when I happened upon this video about paedophilia.

It was a talk show type of setting, the host was a woman and she had two guests over (both of them were men).

And can you believe that these men were saying that a little girl of 5 or 7 shouldn’t wear shorts, apparently she’s “enticing” men around her.

After this statement, I wanted to find him and beat him…… To death.

How can a person think like this???!!!!…. How!!!.

How can you look at a child, a child!!!! And see anything remotely sexual. Are you sick?!.

So the female host (Who looked as confused as I am) tries to make them see that children are not sexual beings and they should be able to walk around naked if they wanted.

But these two useless,unfortunate fools kept saying that it’s indecent exposure.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!!, how did the world become a zoo.

I am so shocked that actual people can think like this that I don’t even know what to say!.

In my opinion paedophilia is not a sexual orientation, it is a serious mental illness and such people should get help…. And if that doesn’t work they should be locked up in a metal box and launched into deep space.

Children are pure, cute and should be protected. No one should be sexually attracted to a child, when you see a naked child, you’re supposed to smile and be like “Awwwn look at that bundle of joy”. You are not supposed to think “look how sexually attractive that child is”.

How can you look at this 👇 face and be sexually aroused

Honestly I don’t understand people anymore.

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