Bringing your friends on dates?

Apparently there’s this new trend. When a guy asks you out on a date, you invite your friends, your neighbours, your church member(s), your church member’s neighbours and the entire state out on the date with you.

OK maybe I’m exaggerating, but taking a friend or two is just as ridiculous as taking everyone you know.

Imagine this from his point of view.

He asks YOU out on a date that you’re definitely not paying for because you don’t have the money( in my case, I’m always broke 😭) or because he just wants to spoil you.

The keyword in that paragraph is YOU!!.

So he’s planning to take you out to a nice restaurant, or something ( I don’t know what real dates look like, my love life exists inside novels 😩).

You’ll eat, drink wine (or strawberry yoghurt, don’t judge me), and when the night ends he’ll order you an uber or he’ll drive you and that’ll be it, or he might take it further and take you somewhere else to continue the date.

Our guy has already planned out all the money he’s going to spend that night probably before he even asked you out on that date.

But you pack yourself and your starving friends out on a date that he asked YOU on.

I have just one question o…. Are you sick in the head?. When he was asking you out, please did he say “Would you and Sandra, Jennifer and Cynthia go out on a date with me?”. If he did, then you can take them, who am I to judge?.

But if he said “Will YOU go out on a date with me”. And you took your friends along, then you must be very stupid.

I’m not insulting you o, I’m just pointing out the fact that there’s a very high probability that your brain isn’t working right anymore.

And those friends that followed you, hope you know that they don’t actually like you. They don’t like you at all!.

Poor boy will dress up and be expecting a romantic night (or even afternoon) with a woman he likes, instead he’ll walk in to find a bunch of hungry girls like.

Feed us!, feeeeeeeed usssss!

Moral lesson: don’t take anyone else out on dates, even if you’re paying for it. Your friends are only allowed when your partner has explicitly stated that they can come. It’s 2 people in the relationship.

He’s not dating you and all your friend’s stomachs.

XOXO, a very hungry Aderonke.


4 thoughts on “Bringing your friends on dates?

  1. Did not know this was a thing. Is it a safety thing? If you don’t feel safe enough to go alone, don’t go! There are safe ways to go out on a date alone (bring your own car, always a public place, etc), so I’m really not understanding this πŸ˜‚
    Take care,


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