Feeling blue?

Sometimes when I’m at the lowest point of an emotional rollercoaster I write poems, most people don’t understand poetry, or why it’s usually so melancholy. But you see, sometimes you’re so sad that you feel like you can see sadness around your neck like a noose, writing a poem feels like unravelling that noose with every word that comes out.

Or in some cases (very rare for me) you’re so happy that you can only express it with poetry…. This has never happened to me. Not to say that everything I write is sad, sometimes I get ideas when I’m really sleepy.

Before this gets any longer, I decided to post 3 poems that I wrote that were really expressive of how I felt at that point in time.

1. Black hole music

We’re playing a beat that can’t be heard
Telling a story better left untold
They watch our story unfold
While we’re shouting into the void
Screaming words that have no meaning
And no value to the population of this black hole
We were dragged in here
There’s no sound
No rhythm
Only the constant heart wrenching wail
Of our silence
Playing on repeat
We’re stuck in limbo

2. Dear Barbie

Twirl bellisima, glide
You can’t afford not to be perfect
Don’t let this opportunity slide
This is your fairytale ending
You get your prince
The pain is mild
Little rose stop the drama
Listen to me
I’m your mama
Be flawless child
That’s your ticket child
Out of this fairytale
Into the real nightmare

3. We’re family, You and I

I see you
Even though I don’t know you
I see your little ticks
I see that you think we don’t care
But I care
About what happens to you
And I want to see you
In the news
Trust me I do
But not that way
I want to watch you collect that Nobel Prize
I want to see you win that race
I want to read that book you write
And listen to that song in your head
I want to hang that painting up, right over my bed
I need you to do these things
So my love,
That razor is not the way.

All my love, Aderonke.


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