We’re all corrupt.

You see a politician’s son drive past in his brand new Lamborghini and you shake your head, “these people are using our money to buy all these things o, this country is too corrupt!” you say.

When you make the above statement, you’re only referring to politicians stealing money in hundreds of millions of dollars. That bribe you collected yesterday can’t be considered as corruption, after all it was only ₦500 ,what’s that in comparison to a billion naira.

My brother, my sister, you are as corrupt as that politician that you despise.

You see, we’re all a little corrupt here, some of us just don’t have access to enough funds to steal a lot of money.

If you were president of Nigeria for a month, you’d probably fill 5 mansions with stolen money.

Let’s examine the dictionary meaning of corruption

1.dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribe

You’re thinking, about that word “power”, what does it mean to be ‘in power’. Let me tell you.

You’re in primary school and you were chosen as the class monitor, ade bribes you with zobo so you don’t write his name when you’re writing down the names of noise makers. Corruption

Now you’re in secondary school and it’s your turn to serve food in the dining hall, so you give yourself and your friends the biggest pieces of meat and the biggest servings of food. Corruption

You’ve progressed and you’re in SS3 now, your roommates didn’t clean the room so you’re going to punish them, but you leave little Sandra out because she helps you to wash your clothes. Corruption.

You’ve gotten into the University and you’re the course rep, you’re to collect ₦50 from each of your classmates for a course outline. You ‘hype’ the price up to ₦100 and pocket the extra 50 naira. Obvious corruption.

It’s a hot day and you’re standing in line to use the ATM, you’re friend walks in and you let him cut ahead of you, or you collect his card to withdraw for him. You both are very corrupt.

So you see, you’re corrupt, I’m corrupt, only about 0.5% of the entire population is incorruptible.

So instead of sitting in your house ranting about corrupt politicians, how about you change your own attitude, and the country will have one less corrupt individual.


3 thoughts on “We’re all corrupt.

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Corruption cuts across society and is not determined by amounts or figures. Even that small “insignificant” action of doing something corrupt only strengthens this culture. People at the “top” are only doing the same as us “normal” people, and ironically most likely are more aware of it instead denying it like most of us do.
    Great writing! cheers 🙂


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