Slavery still exists in Nigeria

When someone mentions slavery, you probably think about white men wearing cowboy hats and holding whips and flogging shackled black people.

You think about that movie “12 years a slave” and you tremble with righteous anger at the way these slave masters treated people.

You probably think they’re the worst things to ever exist. You hope they burn in hell.

But wait o, look at that your housegirl that they brought from one village… How do you treat her?, are you any better than those slave masters that put your ancestors in chains?.

Don’t you deserve to burn in hell too?.

You’re probably telling yourself right now that at least she gets an education, what education?!… She goes to the worst and cheapest school ever! And she always goes to school tired because of all the work you make her do.

Now you’re saying she gets to eat free food and a place to sleep, but you make her do enough work to burn off all that food and more. And seriously, do you think that corner you stuff her in counts as a place to sleep?.

She’s probably 10 or 12 years old and you make her do things that even a 16 year old would have trouble with. What were you doing when you were 10?, do you think you’d have been able to do half of what she does at that age?.

Let me tell a story about my neighbours and their house help. When this girl came from some village in the south( I live in the north) she was barely 8 and obviously malnourished, she was slim as a twig and looked about ready to collapse.

The family she came to live with was a young one, they had one son who was just a baby at that time and this 8 year old girl assumed responsibility for the care of this child.

Every morning, she would wake up and do all the house work, and end up going to school very late.

You’d expect that after living with these people for a few years this little girl would add weight, but she’s not, she’s just a little bit fatter than she was when she came about 3-4 years ago.

This little girl carries huge buckets of water from the borehole every morning that I (I’m almost 18) probably can’t even lift.

Tell me, isn’t that slavery?.

And it’s not only that these girls are overworked o, they have to put up with brutal beatings.

A human being that does things like this 👇 to little children has no humanity in my opinion

But this isn’t all o, there’s still sexual abuse, the witch allegations (because one of the criteria for being a maid is apparently witch craft), starvation for days as punishment and a host of other inhumane acts towards these individuals, just because there’s no one to defend them.

That girl that you abuse physically and mentally is your slave, you give her mediocre education because you don’t want her to gain power through knowledge.

I will admit that I too thought it was normal and right, but it’s not, it is very wrong to treat people this way.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to have help, but child labour is wrong.

So if you have one of these glorified slaves, I’m here to inform you.

You are an oppressor.

You are a slave master.

NB: this article applies to house boys too, but it’s just easier for me to use girls as a case study since they make up the majority.

Until next time,

Love, Aderonke.


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