C is for consent

On today’s episode of trouser zippology. We’re addressing female rape and consent.

This will be my last post for a while because my exams are starting next week.

Let’s begin with a story.

Peter was sitting outside one evening, watching the sunset and enjoying the cool breeze when Sandra came out of her gate wearing a very short skirt.

“damn!” Peter thought “doesn’t she look sexy in that”.

Peter began to imagine having sex with Sandra and he quickly got up to intercept her.

“hey there beautiful, you look ravishing like a rare diamond” Peter said with his ‘charming’ smile on.

Sandra didn’t slow down, she wasn’t interested in his advances.

Peter wasn’t going to give up easily “where are you headed, let me escort you “.

“I’m going to buy Akara from iya tawa”

Peter smiled to himself, there was an abandoned building on the way to iya Tawa’s stand, it’d be the perfect place to woo Sandra.

After 3 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to convince her to give him her number, they were finally approaching the building.

The sky was dark and the area was completely deserted.

‘Sandra’s legs looked really nice in that skirt. Why would a girl wear a skirt like that if she wasn’t looking for sex’, Peter’s thoughts were running dangerously close to the danger zone.

Immediately they got to the place, Peter grabbed Sandra around the waist and started to drag her into the building.

Sandra tried to scream for help, but Peter quickly gagged her with her own top, he pawed at her breasts like a dog, all the while spitting poisonous sexual words.

“you’re a slut, sashaying all over the neighbourhood teasing all the boys… You want this don’t you?, ashewo” he said with a sneer on his face.

Sandra lay there while Peter tore off her clothes and took advantage of her, when he was done, he got up and left.. Leaving her lying there dying inside.

She wouldn’t tell anyone, she’d have to find a way to sneak into her house unseen.

It was her fault, they’d all blame her. She saw what happened when her friend –ugo- got raped.

The questions, “why we’re you outside after dark?” “what were you wearing?”

Then they’d look at her and say “you tempted him, it was your fault”

As Sandra staggered home, that statement echoed in her mind.

It was your fault.

The end.

The story above was inspired by a picture I saw on twitter πŸ‘‡

Rape culture coddles rape, we have helped this disgusting act continue to survive with our reactions to rape.

It is never the victim’s fault, rape is a product of stupidity and a lack of self control on the part of the rapist.

Some people will come and say that our various religions don’t condone ‘indecent dressing’. Well your religion doesn’t condone premarital sex.

And I know that most religions don’t condone lusting after anything.

No matter how we look at it, rape is wrong.

Before this gets too long, let me say something.

Never assume that she consents, make sure she says a definite YES. That whole body language excuse doesn’t cut it legally.

And there’s such a thing as withdrawal of consent too.

Conclusion: don’t be a rapist, zip up your trousers and control yourself.

PS: if you’ve ever been a victim of rape and you want to tell your story, email me or dm me on instagram or twitter( those icons at the topπŸ‘†) I’ll tell it for you.

XOXO Aderonke


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