Rant!! 😤

You remember how I said I’m a feminist. Well let’s fine-tune what that means for me.

I woke up this morning planning to go to shoprite to buy chicken and chips, but it’s been raining all morning 🙄.

So let’s get to the point. Today is for the men.

Feminism for me is about breaking boundaries limiting girls all around the world, giving them the chance to become something. But it’s also about protecting the rights of EVERYONE. Male or female, it goes both ways for me.

Honestly the feminist movement is slowly becoming a terrorist movement, we’re harassing these men and not taking any blame for our actions.

Women are not always the victims fam, I had a conversation with a couple of boys my age. And most of them had sex with older cousins or housemaids at appallingly young ages, but it’s not viewed as rape because they’re boys. They had sex.

A 12 year old boy has sex after coercion with a 26 year old woman and it’s not rape. But it happens to a 14 year old girl and it’s rape?. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Rape is rape.

Men in our society are taught to repress their emotions from a young age, we say ‘man up’ or ‘men don’t cry’ or ‘you’re too emotional for a boy’. What’s that supposed to mean?, he feels things too. Let him express his emotions how he sees fit.

Believe it or not, men also suffer from gender appropriation. A man is supposed to be strong and manly, what exactly does that word manly mean?. Did God give a guideline of manliness to Adam after creation. “thou shalt not wear pink?” or “thou shalt pay the bill everytime”. I didn’t read anything like that in my Bible.

Let’s not be hypocritical please, if we’re going to fight for the liberation of women from societal norms. Then we have to be fair and also liberate these men from the chains we’ve put them in with our expectations.

I have a lot of male friends and I have to say that the pressure on them is also unfair. I’m not shunning the struggle of women everywhere, I’m just saying that we should try to see things from their perspective once in a while. And maybe we should open car doors for them once in a while and take them out on romantic dates.

That said, I just want to talk about women that call themselves Kings. Baby girl what’s wrong with being a Queen?. Queen Esther in the Bible didn’t call herself a King and she saved an entire nation. You have just as much power as a Queen dear.

Until next time

Xoxo Aderonke


6 thoughts on “Rant!! 😤

  1. I feel very strongly about this also ma’am. For girls that call themselves kings they have made it seem as though a person can not be powerful enough or great enough if they’re not a man. Bullshit. Queens are making waves. Calling yourself a king is an insult to the entire race of womanhood.
    Wo, keep writing my love! These things must be said!!

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    1. Unpopular opinion:
      Females calling themselves kings doesn’t take away from the fact that they are queens. I believe that it is their way of saying they can be whatever they want to be and not be bound by GENDER APPROPRIATION; which by the way, is exactly what you’re doing by telling them not to call themselves kings. [Double standards in the flesh.]
      There’s nothing wrong with being a queen but let’s let everyone be who and what they choose to be.


  2. I totally agree with you! Being a feminist myself, I’m not blind to what men go through, it’s double standard looking at it, women can cry in public and it’s expressing themselves but it’s not the same for men. A woman can be broke and date, but a man who is broke can’t do so comfortably. Men go through a lot that society overlooks. Keep ranting, preach !


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