Sick diaries

Malaria is a bitch.

If mosquitoes don’t have residential rights in your country, then you won’t understand this post.

I knew I was going to fall sick eventually, my house( Hut) in school is a mosquito night club and I’m the vodka. ‘Lé bloode du aderonke’ is a very popular drink.

This post will be very short because I’m not feeling fine and my stomach is doing me somehow.

About 4 days ago, I got that little injury above my lips that can be interpreted as my immune system screaming ” we have been compromised!!, malaria upcoming!!”. But I decided to ignore it because I’m a hard babe, malaria cannot cross me. Foolish 🙄

Let’s come down to 2 or 3 days ago, I woke up feeling really awful. Next thing my body became hot like gas cooker and I’m vomiting food I didn’t eat, at this point I was very scared for my life and making promises to God. (which includes a promise to never listen to Cardi B again)

And then a breakthrough!!, I started feeling better after my sister made original lemon grass agbo and made me steam with it. Instead of me to count my blessings and rest o, Aderonke did midnight data and watched The notebook on Netflix all night🤦.

The next day, let’s just say I relapsed. But our God is a merciful father and yesterday I started feeling better. But foolishness came again and I carried laptop and started watching movies with an earpiece and the volume as high as it would go. Back to square one.

Today again I’m feeling better, but what have I been doing since?. Watching videos on instagram and retweeting oshi on twitter.

Are you not seeing that what is wrong with me Is not ordinary.

Please let me end it here, my head is starting to pain me one kain.

PS: arthemeter and lumenfantrin are 🤢🤢 (malaria drugs)

Until next time

Xoxo aderonke


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