Nosy old people! πŸ™„

I’m sitting in a tailor’s shop as I type this, trying not to strangle someone. I don’t understand why some people cannot just mind their business.

So my sister paid for me to get my nails done, and I came back from the salon looking pengπŸ’…πŸ’…

White nail polish is the future TBH

I was now cat walking and using all these hand gestures so everyone would notice. One man now started asking me stupid questions.

“So these nails that you painted like this, do you think they’re good?” and I’m like Unku what’s your own there, but I didn’t say that one o…. I don’t know if he’s a village person. So I just smiled and said I don’t know.

That is how this man started on a speech about moderation, seriously I wanted to run and abandon myself at that point…. After talking for almost 15 minutes, he said “it’s just that I don’t want to waste too much time, I would have said more”. And I’m like😑dude you’ve already wasted all my time!!!.

As if that wasn’t enough o, one boy with pineapple hair now started following me, I don’t want to give you my number!!!! Please go away!. Boys should learn to take a hint and leave a sister tf alone!. Forgive my use of exclamation points but the way he was following me was really embarrassing, before someone will see me and report me.

Jo let me go and pick my church clothes. Ciao

Xoxo, Aderonke.


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