My first blog post Ahhhhh!!

See I wanted this first post to be quirky and funny, but nothing that is happening to me is funny. Let me gist you.

I’ve been feeling like a waste of space nowadays, because I’m not making any money and my mates are millionaires etc. So I got this business idea to sell books. Normally I’m supposed to calm down and plan…. But Noooooooo Aderonke must be impulsive. I invested my money in my business idea and bought books🤦, you’re thinking it’s not such a bad thing. But I forgot to mention that it was aaalllll my money, my entire allowance for the whole month, and today is the 3rd. Now I’m broke and nobody is buying books ooo😭😭.

Let’s go back about a week ago when I bought jollof rice, chicken, meat pie and coleslaw like ₦2000 because I had ‘cravings’..i was feeling rich, now I can feel the Hunger in my future.

Please somebody, anybody, buy novels o😭😭have mercy upon me….if you’re in Abuja sha.

That’s my diary entry for today…. If you have any advice for me, kindly comment, I’m going to pray to God to deliver me from the village people making me do foolish things. Ciao.

Xoxo, Broke girl.

Ps: did you get the Gossip Girl reference?… The whole Xoxo, Gossip Girl thing.. I know I’m a nerd leave me alone.

PPs: if you’ve not finished Gossip Girl this is a spoiler!, Dan was the Gossip Girl!!…ok I’m actually going now


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